I am available for speaking and workshop presentations to discuss:

  • Midlife approach to living wisely and the connection to dying wisely
  • Breaking tired, old rules to experience more Joy and Play in midlife
  • Heartscaping to clean up your unfinished business in relationships before you die

Heartscaping Coaching 1:1

  • Lost your voice to express your hearts’ desires because of taking care of everyone else’s needs for so long? You’re a great listener. You have lots of empathy. For everyone else. Wondering when will it be your time to step into the limelight?
  • Living by too many rules?
  • Afraid of taking a new path in midlife? Not trusting completely in your own inspirations? You’re a great supporter of friends and family and wish someone would come along and support you? Be your cheerleader?

Let’s set up a call to discuss a new approach. Send me an email at