If I Point My Finger in One Direction, Don’t Follow It.

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If I point my finger in one direction, don’t follow it.

Two reasons: (besides the fact that about the time I turned 50, I was pointing to something with my left hand, and out of the periphery of my eye, something seemed odd about my finger. As I turned a bit in the direction to said finger, I realized what it was. My finger no longer was straight. There were knobs and bumps on this finger that weren’t there the day before.)

  1. I moved last year to Asheville, NC where there is an overwhelming lack of a grid road system. There are narrow winding roads everywhere through the city and outlying mountains. The only constant for me these days (when I’m not in my car and it tells me N-S-E-W – sometimes two directions at once) is the sun. I can get my bearings with the sun as have explorers, nomads, birds to migrate, etc since the beginning of time. I’ve always prided myself on having a “good sense” of direction.  Not true anymore. It’s frustrating for sure. But what it means is I adjust. Learn something new or god forbid, sit for just a minute in a place of “unknown”.

2. You may use something else. Whatever kind of sun works for you. Your north star. Your inner voice. Your gut. Use it over and over again. That’s all you need for a sense of direction. Stop looking at my knobby finger pointing out a direction that could be truly opposite of what you believe.

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