Now or Never for Scaredy-Cats: Stop Hiding, Break Some Rules and Have Way More Fun Before It’s Too Late

“Colleen’s personal stories offer simple and relevant truths on walking the spiritual path, especially later in life. She and her writing is fueled with the intention to live and die wisely. I recommend this book for those who feel late to the call but haven’t given up yet.” Julie Tallard Johnson, author of The Zero Point Agreement and Wheel of Initiation


Dying wisely is the new buzzword for middle-agers who want to know their life has had meaning and that they’ve made an impact in the world. Now or Never for Scaredy-Cats illuminates the suffering a Scaredy-Cat lives with and shares compelling stories the author learned since encountering the premise from The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, that if one is afraid to die, so is she afraid to live. The author encourages other Cats to take responsibility Now in relationships; come out from hiding and break self-imposed constricting rules and explore the landscape of pleasure and joy.

In the same vein as Elizabeth Gilberts’ Big Magic and Dr. Wayne Dyers’ Living an Inspired Life, Your Ultimate Calling; Now or Never for Scaredy-Cats invites the reader with simple encouragement to pull back the covers of their comfort zone and fear, to reveal what’s at the heart of every Scaredy-Cat so that on our deathbed, we do not take our final breath being afraid of our very own glorious self.

When you step into the clubhouse with the other Scaredy-Cats, the author demonstrates seven lessons for “what really matters” before you die. From a very personal viewpoint, Colleen offers Scaredy-Cats, like herself, a blueprint to live fully before it’s too late:

  1. The critical steps to take responsibility today in your relationships with others, self and with God, rather than wait till the moment of your death
  2. How to nurture the dreams from your youth while not Put-Off-Until-Tomorrow (POUT)
  3. How breaking your own rules results in a liberated soul
  4. The difference between telling yourself you’re on the search for enlightenment about death and dying but really playing the game of “hide and seek” with your life. It’s the only game that matters Now.