If I point my finger in one direction, don’t follow it. Two reasons: (besides the fact that about the time I turned 50, I was pointing to something with my left hand, and out of the periphery of my eye, something seemed odd about my finger. As I turned a bit in the direction to … Continue reading “If I Point My Finger in One Direction, Don’t Follow It.”

Magic. Empowerment. Straight talk. Liberation. Beauty and Bad-Ass-Ness combined.   I am motivated by the courage, strength and bravado of one woman sharing her truth. So in keeping with the theme of outspokenness, I want to hear these stories and share them with you in a podcast called “Bloom Baby Bloom: Straight Talk from Now … Continue reading “What Happens When A Woman Shares Her Story?”

Just a few years back I bought a white knit top with large black polka dots. I love polka dots. They make me happy and light-hearted. I brought it home. Proudly hung it in my closet. It stayed there. Most people can’t wait to wear their new purchases. (I’m outing my husband here, who must … Continue reading “From Outspokenness to BloomBabyBloom – Part II”