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Welcome to my clubhouse! Glad You are Here

I’m Colleen Troy. I have this large playground in front of me called Mid-Life. Just like you.

Half my life I’ve been playing hide and seek and still, still, still haven’t sailed around the world.

Why haven’t I signed up for the safari I’ve always wanted to do. What am I waiting for?

If I’m so enlightened on the search for the Truth, then why am I still afraid to live as if there’s no tomorrow?

Are you asking the same questions too?

I’m here for all Scaredy-Cats out there who need encouragement to pull the curtain back from that hiding place, break some rules and have a lot of fun.

Check out my book “Now or Never for Scaredy-Cats” available NOW on Amazon.

I’m also available as a speaker and coach for the programs I write about.


Come and play with me!

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